LEARN PORTUGUESE is an opportunity to learn Portuguese with a teacher who has 39 years experience teaching Portuguese as a foreign language.
Lagoa da Conceição Florianópolis SC Brazil

It all started as a hobby when I was 16. At that time I was studying piano and in 1970 I had two foreign teachers, Peterson from the USA and Astor from Argentina who had difficulties in communicating with their students. Fortunately, I could speak some English, so they started to "use" me as their mediator and I loved it because the more I managed to interpret for them the more I gained in self-confidence.

The conductor of the orchestra paid Peterson's Portuguese Course. After 3 months he concluded that he had learned much more during our percussion classes at the Conservatory than in his actual Course in São Paulo, it was then that he came to me with a very interesting and challenging business proposition: "Celisa, what about if you teach me Portuguese and I give you extra drum classes?"

So together with Astor we started our unconventional Portuguese lessons. Since then I have continued to teach my own language to many wonderful people from all round the world. During 39 years I have succeeded to develop my own teaching method which allows me to teach even when there is no common language between my student and myself.

In 1996 I travelled to Denmark where I lived for 4 years. There I naturally had the opportunity to teach Danes, along with many different nationalities including people from Sweden, Norway, Poland, Rumania, Ukraine, China, Zaire, Senegal and more.

Today I see that my life is my students' lives, I manage to travel around the world through them, I learn a lot about their cultures, about the differences between people and above all, I have learned to respect each one´s individuality. I love my work passionately and I feel most fortunate for this.

LEARN PORTUGUESE is a one-on-one or small-group course designed for each persons needs, weaknesses and strengths, based on practical and direct approach where grammar, reading and writing are just a consequence. My first goal is to build the students confidence along with a worry-free attitude to go out and try the language.

Learn the language and take the opportunity to experience the Brazilian traditions and culture, music, the friendly people, dance, fine arts, history, geography, economy, culinary delights and much more.

Florianópolis - the magic island, where I live and teach - is just for those who love nature and peace, it is surrounded by wonderful beaches, stunning scenery, constant blue sky and beautiful people.



Together with Portuguese, I speak English, Español, Dansk and capisco un poco di Italiano et Français.

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If you enjoy the way I do things, please feel free to contact me at:
E-mail to celisacanto@hotmail.com Tels.: (00 55 48) 9977.1954

By learning Portuguese your experiences will be much more enjoyable. Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students, all are welcome to LEARN PORTUGUESE!

Celisa Canto: Aulas de português para estrangeiros na Lagoa da Conceição- Florianópolis- SC - BR
Celisa Canto: Portuguese as a Foreign Language Teacher
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